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Iron Products Definition

  • It is a metal belonging to the first transition series and is in the eighth group of the periodic table

  • It is the most common element on planet Earth and is included in the composition of its inner and outer core

  • it is the fourth most abundant element in the formation of the earth's crus

  • Iron usually reacts easily with water and oxygen to produce hydrated iron oxides which are brown to black in color which is known as "rust"

  • Iron is also present in the human body and is very important in the metabolism process

  • It is also important for plants and animals, in addition to its importance to humans, plants and animals, there are also many uses of iron in life, which will be talked about in this article

  • Iron belongs to the second group in the periodic table, and it is the fourth most abundant element in the formation of the earth’s crust and is present in human bodies and is important for plants and animals and its uses are many in life


Iron products are among the important metals known to man since ancient times. They are the element that has been used in many important industries

Can you imagine the absence of iron products in the universe?

Without this element, a very big collapse would have occurred in many industries. Iron sectors enter into many industries such as engineering works, cars, ships, petroleum industries, buildings, bridges, electrical appliances, natural gas industries, trusses, lighting poles, etc....


It is iron to reinforce the axes column and helps during the casting process, in addition to a floor (not usually calculated) in helping to prevent punctures and it is best calculated within the iron at the base, as there is no justification for wasting


Parallel Beam

Parallel beam. It is a piece of metal with two small sides. It is symbolized by IPN/IPE. Its uses are concentrated in the construction and building works

كمر متوازى

Talaa Box

طلعة بوكس


It is a black iron pipe made of steel and called black because of its dark color. It is manufactured and used widely, and its outer layer is mostly painted to reduce its susceptibility to oxidation. It is manufactured by cutting steel plates into strips of the required sizes and then rolling them (bending) by means of specialized equipment for that and then longitudinal welding is done for them




Stream Beam

stream beam is a structural U shape of hot rolled mild steel with internal radius angles ideal for all structural applications, general manufacturing and repairs.  qanaa steel are widely used in industrial maintenance, agricultural implements, transportation equipment, truck beds, trailers

كمر مجرى

Segal Beams

It is used in metal structures and as reinforcing parts in homes and to install coverings. The technician or engineer who performs the construction or installation process can determine what the work needs in terms of the length, size or type of the beam

كمر سيجال


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